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We offer multiple car grooming services at your doorstep and convenience, with no extra cost.

Our car detailing service includes pest fumigation and vacuuming to rid of any pesky critters, dust, and debris. Our experienced technicians use safe and effective fumigation products and powerful vacuums to ensure your car is clean and pest-free. As a result, you can drive with confidence knowing your car is safe and clean.

Our car spa and detailing service will give your car the ultimate makeover. We provide a comprehensive car detailing service to give your car a thorough clean and tidy. Our experienced team will work hard to make sure your car looks as good as new.

Our car polishing service will leave your vehicle looking showroom-new. Our ceramic coating protection will provide an extra layer of protection to your car, increasing the durability of the shine and protecting your car's paint for years to come. Our team of experienced detailers will ensure your car looks its absolute best.

Don't let scratches and paint damage ruin the appearance of your car. Our skilled professionals can quickly and efficiently touch up your car's paint, minimizing downtime and restoring its original beauty. Trust us to keep your car looking its best.

Our Windscreen Rain Stain Removal service will restore the clarity of your windscreen during rainy drives. Our experts will remove any rain stains and ensure your windscreen looks as good as new for only $88. Enjoy a clear view of the road ahead with our comprehensive windscreen service.

Don't let a stain ruin your car's interior. Our fabric seat and floor extraction service is the answer to any mess you can think of. We specialize in extracting even the toughest stains, from vomit to drink spills and even pet's pee. Leave it to our experienced team and your car will look and smell as good as new.

Why Pick Us?

Welcome to Car Magic! We are dedicated to providing the highest quality car detailing services to make your car look beautiful and brand new again. Our professional team is committed to giving you and your precious car the best experience possible, ensuring your car is always running and looking its best

Superb Customer Service

At Car Magic, we are proud to offer our customers Superb Customer Service with more than 200 five-star reviews. We are always very prompt with our replies and fast to provide quotes for our services. We strive to make sure our customers are always satisfied.

Good Quality Products

At our car detailing service, we only use high quality branded products from Germany, USA and Italy. Our brands include Sonax, Rupes, Meguiar and more. We also use fresh towels for every car grooming to ensure the best results and customer satisfaction.

Transparent Pricing

At our car detailing service, we offer transparent pricing with no hidden costs or hardsell. We don't offer packages, and all of our prices are nett, so customers have full control over their bill. We believe in fair and honest pricing, so you can trust that what you see is what you get.

Experienced and Certified Detailers

Our experienced and certified detailers have many years of experience in the auto detailing industry. They are passionate about their craft and will ensure that your car is detailed to the highest standards. Leave it to us for a good job done

Low Downtime

Our Low Downtime service ensures that upon handing over your car for detailing, you can collect it in just 2-3 hours. No more long wait times at the workshop! Our commitment to super efficiency ensures that you can enjoy your freshly detailed car as soon as possible.

Doorstep Convenience

Our convenient car detailing service allows you to wait in the comfort of your own home while we groom your car. No need to travel back and forth to workshops, let us bring the grooming to you! Enjoy a premium detailing experience without having to leave the house.

Car Interior

Experience the Magic of Our Services

At Car Magic, we want our customers to feel like they are getting the best of the best when it comes to car detailing services. We have more than 300 5-star reviews across Facebook, Google and Carousell and take pride in the good service we provide for every single customer and every single car. Whether you are looking for a wash and wax or a full interior detailing, our team is here to make sure you are satisfied with the car detailing job we do.

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